Here it is, the March Madness to keep you busy when there IS NO March Madness. Dan and Chris are joined by the Fleeples for this momentous show to figure out which sit com is the best of all time! We have a full slate of 64 shows to argue about so sit back and enjoy! Thanks for listening to 200 episodes!

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Tonight Dan is back from Quebec and Chris is ready for games!! We talk about what is fun to do in Quebec and some news. And we review Freshwater Fly by Bellwether games and Tales of Glory by Ankama. Thanks for listening!

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It's that time again! Time for us to name the Game of the year 2019. Chris and Dan give their top 11 of the year, the official GAS top 11 and also the schmoe's choice for top 11. Thanks for listening! (We might also throw in our top 3 commercials from the big game too)

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Tonight Dan and Chris welcome back Justin Jacobson from Restoration games and world renowned game designer Keith Ferguson, to talk about some news some kickstarters... Oh and THE RETURN TO DARK TOWER! We touch on all things of the game and the kickstarter, as well as a bunch of others projects. We also hit on some news and talk about the Mandalorian season 1. We wrap it all up with a Space ship draft! What a great show and--->Thanks for listening!

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SPOILERS!! Tonight we continue our movie series where we talk about a major blockbuster and spoil the heck out of it and give our thoughts. We now have done all 3 of the new Star Wars movies and Ben Pinchback and Keith Ferguson join Dan and Chris for Ep 9 Rise Of Skywalker. We talk about the whole movie and also what we thought of the 3 new movies and of course RANK all the Star Wars movies. And an additional Spoiler Alert we never actually get to the Mandalorian as we would like to have. So be ready in a future episode for that!

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