Here it is!! Your 2018 Gen Con top 11 to TRY and top 11 to BUY!! Dan, Chris and Wolfe go over the games you cannot purchase this year but you can play (Try/Demo) and also the top games you want to purchase this year (BUY).  It's always a great way to learn about the games we want to pick up and also the games you will be hearing about in the near future as the hotness to be!  Thanks for listening!

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Tonight we are joined (for the first time in a while) by Ryan Laukat from Red Raven games, for an interview and also a 15 min power hour. We have 4 segments (roughly) 15 mins each. We have a segment each from Chris and Ryan and Dan hosts 2 game show segments with the others! I hope everyone enjoys this show as it was a blast to talk to Ryan about his designs and one of my favorite games of the year Empire of the Void II. Thanks for listening!

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Tonight as we do each year, Dan and Chris are joined by Matt and Ben (The Fleeples) to talk about all the tons of games both published and unpublished, we played at Origins this year. Largely this was a con of a ton of great games we played, with very few let downs. This also marks the 7 year anniversary of our show and listen up how to win one of  two 25$ gift cards to our sponsor! Thanks for listening for 7 great years!

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Dan and Chris are joined this week by Matt for a nice in depth look at the top to try and buy at this year's Origins. Hope you enjoy and hope to see everyone at Origins and say hey to us if you see us there! Also please feel free to post what games you are interested in trying and buying at the show!

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Tonight Dan and Chris are Joined once again by the Geek Law Star Dave "Buckeye Fitzy" for some discussion about the recent SDJ nominations, the recent Origins GoH blowup, and much much more. Dan and Chris get into a spirited discussion about if Charterstone is any good and we wrap up with some great geeky Law happenings in the world. Thanks for listening!

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SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS !!Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by new Allstars Smoley and Handler to talk about all our thoughts on the new Avengers Movie Infinity War. It's a nice spoiler filled discussion on all of what we loved and hated about the movie and what we think is on for the next installment of Avengers coming next year! Thanks for Listening!

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On Tonight's show Dan Chris and Wolfe have a few nice long discussions and a bunch of games played and finally some Q and A from the net! Our Discussions include CMON Kickstarter snafus, some current KS's that are out, Alleged Stealing of a design by a publisher, and is Toys R Us saved? We also do some quick reviews on Paper Tales and  Shards of Infinity, while also mentioning Noria, Feudum and Pioneers. And finally we get to some great Q's from the listeners. Thanks for Listening!

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As is a yearly tradition on GAS we bring you our yearly March Madness of Board games tourney. And this year is CARD games. We have a full house this year and it was a ton of fun! As always it's a bit long but its in 5 parts so you can easily digest it in parts. Part 2 starts at 43:30, Part 3 at 1:36:30, Part 4 at 2:330:30 and Part 5 starts at 3:40:30. Hope that helps and thanks for listening! Who did you have winning?

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Dan and Chris are joined by Edge of Darkness designer John D Clair for a great chat about designing games and kickstarters. Thanks to John for joining us! We are also joined after the interview by our buddy Jerry Reece for a discussion about our first impressions of Edge of Darkness and our overall thoughts on the Kickstarter. Thanks for listening!

Dan and Chris discuss the new Empires of the Void II by Red Raven games, Coal Baron and the new Venus next Expansion for Terraforming Mars. We also settle in for a nice long Q and A, talk about everything and anything this week, including Music, tacos and our favorite board game mechanic. And last but not least we give you our thoughts on Black Panther at the very end of the show! Thanks for listening!

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