Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by the Fleeples (Matt and Ben) to talk about a ton of news, Kickstarters, movies and also get into what we have been playing especially from Gran Con. And we could not do a Knizia draft without having these guys on who are much more experts on the good doctor then we actually are! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_173_Grand_Con_and_Knizia_Draft.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:14am EDT

Tonight is another one of our occasional off the rails potpourri shows. We go from Comics (The upcoming DC Universe Launch) to TV to Movies to GAMA to Games and back again. We cover a bunch of games and manage to get a nice review of Space Base thrown in there as well. And no episode would be complete without some Gloomhaven love thrown in there for good measure! All that and our first ever "I don't Get it" segment where we each talk about a crazy popular game that we just don't get it's popularity. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_172--_Space_Base_and_DC_Universe.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:45am EDT

Tonight Dan, Chris and Ben P., take on a TON TON TON of great games from Gen Con. And manage to make fun of Riddle a time or two. There's a bunch of new games from the con like Scarabya, and Pikoko, and a bunch of games just on the horizon we got to demo, including Artemis Project and Scorpius Freighter. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_171--_Gen_Con_2018_in_Review.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:16pm EDT

Here it is!! Your 2018 Gen Con top 11 to TRY and top 11 to BUY!! Dan, Chris and Wolfe go over the games you cannot purchase this year but you can play (Try/Demo) and also the top games you want to purchase this year (BUY).  It's always a great way to learn about the games we want to pick up and also the games you will be hearing about in the near future as the hotness to be!  Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_170--_Gen_Con_2018_Preview.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:52am EDT

Tonight we are joined (for the first time in a while) by Ryan Laukat from Red Raven games, for an interview and also a 15 min power hour. We have 4 segments (roughly) 15 mins each. We have a segment each from Chris and Ryan and Dan hosts 2 game show segments with the others! I hope everyone enjoys this show as it was a blast to talk to Ryan about his designs and one of my favorite games of the year Empire of the Void II. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_169--_15_min_powe_hour_with_Ryan_Laukat.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:44pm EDT

Tonight as we do each year, Dan and Chris are joined by Matt and Ben (The Fleeples) to talk about all the tons of games both published and unpublished, we played at Origins this year. Largely this was a con of a ton of great games we played, with very few let downs. This also marks the 7 year anniversary of our show and listen up how to win one of  two 25$ gift cards to our sponsor! Thanks for listening for 7 great years!

Direct download: Episode_168_Origins_2018_In_Review_with_the_Fleeples.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:01pm EDT

Dan and Chris are joined this week by Matt for a nice in depth look at the top to try and buy at this year's Origins. Hope you enjoy and hope to see everyone at Origins and say hey to us if you see us there! Also please feel free to post what games you are interested in trying and buying at the show!

Direct download: Episode_167_Origins_Preview_2018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:09pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are Joined once again by the Geek Law Star Dave "Buckeye Fitzy" for some discussion about the recent SDJ nominations, the recent Origins GoH blowup, and much much more. Dan and Chris get into a spirited discussion about if Charterstone is any good and we wrap up with some great geeky Law happenings in the world. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_166__SDJ_Charterstone_and_the_Law_Star_Rides_Again.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:54am EDT

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS !!Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by new Allstars Smoley and Handler to talk about all our thoughts on the new Avengers Movie Infinity War. It's a nice spoiler filled discussion on all of what we loved and hated about the movie and what we think is on for the next installment of Avengers coming next year! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_165--_Spoiler_Alert_Avengers_Infinity_War.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:51pm EDT

On Tonight's show Dan Chris and Wolfe have a few nice long discussions and a bunch of games played and finally some Q and A from the net! Our Discussions include CMON Kickstarter snafus, some current KS's that are out, Alleged Stealing of a design by a publisher, and is Toys R Us saved? We also do some quick reviews on Paper Tales and  Shards of Infinity, while also mentioning Noria, Feudum and Pioneers. And finally we get to some great Q's from the listeners. Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_164_Shards_of_Infinity_and_Paper_Tales.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:38pm EDT

As is a yearly tradition on GAS we bring you our yearly March Madness of Board games tourney. And this year is CARD games. We have a full house this year and it was a ton of fun! As always it's a bit long but its in 5 parts so you can easily digest it in parts. Part 2 starts at 43:30, Part 3 at 1:36:30, Part 4 at 2:330:30 and Part 5 starts at 3:40:30. Hope that helps and thanks for listening! Who did you have winning?

Direct download: Episode_163_March_Madness_of_Card_Games.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:18pm EDT

Dan and Chris are joined by Edge of Darkness designer John D Clair for a great chat about designing games and kickstarters. Thanks to John for joining us! We are also joined after the interview by our buddy Jerry Reece for a discussion about our first impressions of Edge of Darkness and our overall thoughts on the Kickstarter. Thanks for listening!

Dan and Chris discuss the new Empires of the Void II by Red Raven games, Coal Baron and the new Venus next Expansion for Terraforming Mars. We also settle in for a nice long Q and A, talk about everything and anything this week, including Music, tacos and our favorite board game mechanic. And last but not least we give you our thoughts on Black Panther at the very end of the show! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_161_Empires_of_the_Void_2_and_Coal_Baron.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:26am EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Dan H (Nonsensical Gamers) and Robb R (Blue Peg Pink Ped), for some news some notes, some Trailers some games played and of course A Campaign GAME DRAFT! It's exciting it's wild and it was a ton of fun to record. I hope you like it! Thanks for listening, don't forget o go to go the Guild for the Voting on the winner of this episode's Draft

Direct download: Ep_160--_To_Pander_or_Not_to_Pander_Campaigns_the_question.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:16am EDT

Tonight Dan, Chris, Mosley and Delk cover our top 20 of 2017 and also we interview the winner of the Game of The Year! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_159_Game_of_the_Year_2017.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:49pm EDT

Tonight Dan, Kirkman, and Wolfe usher in a new era of audio (finally) for Dan's rig, and take a crack at some news. Then for the 2nd half of the show talk about what we have been playing and give an overview of the 3 games in the Fast Forward Series of games by Stronghold games, and also a hipster Euro (thank's Wolfe!) in Round House. That and much much more, thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_158_Round_House_and_The_Fast_Forward_Series.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:21am EDT

Dan Chris and Riddle Tackle the task of reviewing and spoiling the hell out of The Last Jedi! Who liked it, what did we like, and what did we not like and of course what's our ranking of Star Wars movies? Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_157_Spoiler_Alert_The_Last_Jedi.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:26pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris have a half news and half gaming show. This also includes spirited discussion about Super Hero movies and the formulaic nature of them,  (including the recent Thor Release). Then we touch on a bunch of other Trailers which arrived this week, and upcoming news on TV and other Movies. Then the second half is all about Games Played! These include Flamme Rouge, Alien Artifacts, Merlin, Clank, Quartex, and much much more! Thanks for Listening and Happy Holidays!

Direct download: Episode_156_Games_Titans_and_Thor.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:22pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris spoil the long awaited DC mega epic Justice League! We had a blast going back and forth on a variety of topics from critics to heroes to future movies. All while battling the ultimate evil... Skype Lag (so sorry bout that and you have been warned). Thanks for listening and come to the guild or the web site and let us know what you thought about the movie!

Direct download: Episode_155_Spoiler_Alert_Justice_League.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:46pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by the founder of Crit Camp, Chris M. to help us talk about Dungeon Crawlers and also to help us with the top 11 Dungeon Crawl games. That and a WHOLE LOT MORE! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_154_Crit_Camp_Helps_us_with_the_top_11_Dungeon_Cralws.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:26pm EDT

While Chris is away prepping for a huge KS launch on 10-17 Dan is joined by Matt Wolfe and the Fleeples! Who have the launch of Legend of Sleepy Hollow on 10-17. We talk about a ton of Kickstarters a bunch of games and just have a great  time in general. We also have one heck of a dry soulless euro draft with a twist! Also check out our Coupon and contest for the Unrivaled tournament finals in vegas! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_153_The_Legends_of_Sleepy_Hollow_and_Euro_Draft.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:37pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris have quite the cornucopia of discussions. Everywhere ranging from Board Games to Movies to TV to retail to Introverted extroverts and beyond! We also give a bit of an overview of Professor Evil and the Citadel of time, and Caverna Cave Vs Cave. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_152_A_little_of_this_and_a_lot_of_that.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:47pm EDT

Dan and Chris are joined this episode by Josh Mills and JVMA winner Jerry Reece for a fun filled episode! We talk about the impact of Board Game Apps on sales and how publishers or designers look at them, and at online implementations. And we let Jerry pick the topic of the latest board game draft as we bring Josh back to defend his title! Thanks for listening! 

Direct download: Episode_151_Game_App_impact_and_Thematic_Game_Draft.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:53pm EDT

Dan, Chris and Matt are back again, to discuss what they played what they demo'd and what they bought at this year's record breaking Gen Con 50!

Direct download: Episode_150_Gen_Con_2017_Recap.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:43pm EDT

Tonight Matt Wolfe Join Chis and Dan for our special yearly Gen Con Preview. we do our Top 11 To try (demo only games) and top 11 to buy! We throw in a couple of solid discussions as well. come find us at Gen Con and say HI and thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_149_Gen_Con_2017_Preview.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:24pm EDT

Comicon was this past weekend so we have to talk about all the AMAZING trailers that came out, from Justice League to Thor to Stranger Things 2, we talk about them all. We also talk about some games played, and playing with very much non gamers. Also we talk about some Viral Marketing of Games which has gone on, and how do react to those campaigns? Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_148_Comicon_Trailers_Gaming_with_Non_Gamers_and_Viral_Marketing.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:45am EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are all over the map.. talking about summer movies we have seen, the new hotness Monopoly Gamer(?) and also about a ton of games we have played over the last month and a half. Did We like Century Spice road? How about Spider Man? Or What about Captain Sonar? Listen and see! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_147_Movies_Monopoly_and_Tons_of_Games.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:56am EDT

Tonight Dan is joined by Ben Pinchback, Josh Mills and Matt Wolfe for a quick (ish) Origins look back, and we introduce a new type of show. A BOARD GAME DRAFT! The four of us will do a four round draft of our best Pick up and Deliver games and YOU will determine who wins the draft! So head to the guild or web site and tell us who won the draft! Thanks for Listening!

Thanks to Lance "Undead Viking" for joining us for a great show full of all things geek and all things gaming! We meander around the geek sphere for a bit but also talk a ton about some great games like Yokohama, Ethnos and a bunch of games to be released at this year's Origins that you won't want to miss! Thanks for listening, and be sure to get in on our contest which will end on June 11th!

Direct download: Episode_145_Origins_2017_preview_with_Undead_Viking.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:12pm EDT

Our long lost sister, Socially Inept Gamer Tiffany returns to keep us in line and talk about Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games, and a bunch of other games (and give us a great outtake!), as well as tackle our main topic of buying habits and how they have changed. Thanks a ton to Tiffany for Joining us and thanks to you for listening. Make sure you take part in our MAY CONTEST for a game giveaway as well!

Direct download: Episode_144_Too_Many_Bones_Tabletop_Day_and_Tiffany_Returns.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:46pm EDT

This episode we are extremely excited to interview Isaac Childres, publisher and creator of Gloomhaven. We have a good time talking about his other games and Gloomhaven as a whole. Check out the 2nd printing on Kickstarter before it ends, you won't be sorry you did! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_143_Interview_with_Isaac_Childres.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:54pm EDT

After a stellar March madness of board games episode we wanted to keep this one shorter. So Chris and I review Railroad Revolution and then get nostalgic about the top 11 games from our childhood. Thanks for all who contributed on the guild and thanks for listening!

Today Dan, Chris, Adam S, Matt W. Jassica and Linus go through a ton of great games to see who wins a March Madness tourney of board games. This year we pit 2001, 2006, 2011, and 2016 against each other to see who will win! There just might be a huge upset like last year. Who knows! Thanks for listening

Direct download: Ep_141_March_Madness_of_Boardgames.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:49pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris discuss some KS, have a few discussions about weird happenings on BGG, and thanks to a listener request we go into the top 11 Marvel and DC Villains (starts about 1:40). Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening! If you have show topics or ideas please mail us or visit our guild!

Direct download: Episode_140_Top_11_DC_and_Marvel_Villains_and_BGG_Rants.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:05am EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris have a nice discussion about starting a campaign in Gloomhaven with Mosley, and also have a nice sit down with Buonocore to inform him of the Game of the year win for Terraforming Mars. And finally we take some questions from twitter and the guild. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_139_Gloomhaven_is_here_and_so_is_Buonocore.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:34pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Matt Wolfe and Adam S as they give the top 11 games of 2016 as determined by the panel of Geek Allstars. See what made the list what did not make the list.... And see how many Dan-gents the guys can get on. You just never know! And what do you think won the big Geek Allstars Game of the year 2016??

Direct download: Episode_138_Game_of_the_Year_2016.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:23pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Matt and Ben (The Fleeples) to go through ALL sorts of categories of the best and worst of 2016. From best card game to best family game all the way to the worst games of 2016 we have a ton of categories we get through. We have our usual Dan-Gents of course, including some movie talk but it's all great and a ton of fun. Thanks to Matt and Ben for joining us for a great show and thanks to you for listening!

Direct download: Episode_137_Best_and_Worst_Games_of_2016.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:25am EDT

Tonight Dave "Buckey Fitzy" returns both as a Law man and as a Trek Geek. We give our first thoughts on the new Gale Force 9 release of Star Trek Ascendancy, and we add some random Dangent topics and we also touch back on a couple of Law Issues permeating into the board game community these days. Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_136_Star_Trek_Ascendancy_and_return_of_the_Law_Star.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:52am EDT

Tonight we welcome back Dan H from League of Nonsensical Gamers for a chat about what we played during the Gamers For Cures 24 hour Board Game Marathon for Turner Syndrome Society, a chat about Great Western Trail, some Board Game App discussion and much much more! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_135_Great_Western_Trail_and_Gamers_for_Cures_Recap.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:59pm EDT

Yeah I know every single show has Dangents but this one seemed particularly Dangent-y in nature. B/c all of us got in on the fun of it. Plus we hit Blizzcon, Kickstarter, movies and a nice first impressions overview of Shadowstar Corsairs. And please check out!

Direct download: Episode_134_Dangents_and_Shadowstar_Corsairs.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:30am EDT

Don't be alarmed by the short duration of this show (clocking in at just over 2 hours) it's CHUCK FULL of discussion goodness. Between movies, KS project rants, Q and A and of course Gamers for CURES, you won't believe how much we stuffed in here! And did I mention my AC is out AGAIN and I am not happy about it! Thanks for listening! 

Direct download: Episode_133_Some_rants_some_projects_and_no_AC_at_all.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:36pm EDT

Tonight we are joined by Dave "Buckeye Fitzy" Fitzgerald for a fun filled info packed episode. We talk about what we have been playing and our main topic is to talk about some very high profile law cases having our Law-Star translate them for our geeky yet non law trained brain. And we are also joined by the Pod-Father Stephen Buonocore as well for our regular sit down with the don! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_132_A_LawStar_is_Born.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:54pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris do a nice extensive look at Terraforming mars, and give some insight into the 2nd edition of Mansions of Madness. How is the App? Does it work well? Is Mars the Euro place we are looking for? You'll have to find out! Also we go over the survey results from out contest. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_131_Terraforming_Mars_and_Mansions_of_Madness.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Dan and Chris are joined by Dan H (League of nonsensical gamers) and Matt Wolfe (Wombat Rescue) for t his packed to the gills episode. We talk about a metric ton of games and have a blast doing it. Some rants, some discussion some impressions. And tons of fun! Dan also gets to talk to the Fleeples (Matt and Ben) mid show for a little bit to talk Quartz Fuji Flush and much much more. We also talk about two games up on kickstarter now in Unfair and Merchants of araby. I think you will like them both. You get your moneys worth for sure in this show! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_130_Gen_Con_2016_Recap.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:25pm EDT

W. Eric Martin Joins Dan and Chris For our annual Top 11 To try and top 11 to buy at Gen Con. 2016 is an insane  year for amount of titles to buy and a slew of great games to try as well. I hope you enjoy! And come find us at the Tilted Kilt Wed night at 9 or the Dice Tower Booth Friday at 2pm. Thanks for listening. Come tell us what you want to buy on our BGG Guild!

Direct download: Episode_129--_Top_11_To_Try_and_Buy_at_Gen_Con_2016.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:00am EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris talk about a ton of new games played from Origins till now including some prototypes (Merchants of Araby) and some new hotnesses (The Networks and Tyrants of the Underdark). And we do a full fledged review of a new Days of Wonder Game Quadropolis! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_128_New_Games_played_and_Quadropolis_Review.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:20am EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris do their annual Origins recap show, and as tradition would have it we are joined by The Fleeples (Matt and Ben). Well mostly Ben, as Riddle had some internet problems. However, we cover the good the bad and the arguing of all the games we got to play at this year's Origins including some prototypes some new releases and some limited releases. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_127_Origins_recap_2016.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:53am EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined for yet another convention preview by W.Eric Martin of BGG News. We talk a little about what we've been playing (Automobiles and Escape the Room) and then talk about all the games YOU should be looking forward to at Origins 2016. Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_126_Origins_2016_Preview_with_Eric_Martin.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:38pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris talk about the SDJ nominations and give our predictions, we also give nice long overviews of both Star Wars: Rebellion and Poseidon's Kingdom and give our thoughts on each. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_125_Star_Wars_Rebellion_Poseidons_Kingdom_and_SDJ_talk.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:42pm EDT

Tonight we are excited to bring you an amazing 15 min power hour with two great guests Jason Inman and Ashley V Robinson. We get into Comics, movies, TV and even talk a little about Captain America Civil War. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_124_15_Min_Power_Hour_with_Jason_Inman_and_Ashley_V_Robinson.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:37pm EDT

Dan and Chris sit down for some News, KS chat, and discuss what the role of a reviewer should be in your buying, talk about a recent review of Back to The Future the card game, and we hit the way back machine and do a top 11 for 2011, the first year that we did top lists of games. See how things have changed for us! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode123_Role_of_Reviewers_and_Top_11_of_2011.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:36pm EDT

This is our 4th annual Board game tourney march madness style. This time we took games from 2000,2005,2010 and 2015 and had them square off in a battle to see which game we feel deserves to be crowned champion! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_122_2016_March_Madness_of_Board_Games.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00am EDT

Tonight Dan, Chris and special guest Darrell Louder discuss and break down the good the bad and the ugly of Dawn of Justice. We Dangent as always a few time but it's a great discussion as always. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_121_DoJ_Spoilerfilled_Review.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:53pm EDT

Tonight Chris and Dan interview former MTG pro, creator of Ascension and current head of Stoneblade Ent. Justin Gary. An absolutely fun and interesting interview and special thanks to Justin for being a great guest. We touch on many things about game design both analog and digital, and of course a few Dan-Gents. Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_120_Interview_with_Justin_Gary.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:11pm EDT

Tonight Dan And Chris talk about some games including Dice City and Grand Austria Hotel, which leads us into a nice discussion of Down time in games. Is it good, how bad is it? We also get a visit from the Don Buonocore and we give a nice preview of this year's Unpub 6! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_119_Down_Time_in_Games.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:28pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Matt and Ben (AKA the Fleeples) as they discuss their upcoming card games based on Back to the Future and The Goonies. They also get into some interesting Kickstarter banter and some other discussions of games in development. Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_118_Backto_the_future_with_the_Goonies_featuring_the_Fleeples.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:53pm EDT

This is it, the Games of the year for 2015! We have a nice large cast of all stars for what is always among our favorite shows of the year. We cover the top 20 games we played last year. What will win the Geek Allstars Game of the year for 2015??? Cast includes Dan, Chris, Mosley, Adam S, And Wolfe. Thanks for listening!!

Direct download: Episode_117_Best_Games_of_2015.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:28pm EDT

Tonight we hit on a trio of Stronghold games overviews and impressions. We also hit on some news and also a few kickstarters to check out. Let us know your thoughts on Porta Nigra, The Golden Ages and/or New Dawn on the guild or on Twitter! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_116_Porta_Nigra_Golden_Ages_and_New_Dawn.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:26pm EDT

SPOILERS SPOILERS!!! Tonight Dan, Chris, Todd, and Riddle review, pick apart and theorize on the gigantic smash hit Star Wars Episode 7 The force Awakens. And oh boy is it a fun time. Come to the guild and let us know your thoughts on the movie and the show! Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Episode_115--_Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_Spoiler_filled_review.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:28am EDT

The title says it all. Tonight Dan and Chris give a preview/overview of the new Gamlyn games and Scott Almes title coming soon to Kickstarter Tiny Epic Western, and also give their thoughts on Champions of midgard. That, along with some thanksgiving gaming talk and a minor rant. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_114--_Tiny_Epic_Western_and_Champions_of_Midgard.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:03am EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by our good buddy Jason Kotarski for a recap of the annual Gamers For Cures Charity gaming marathon. We also get into a TON of games we got to play which include some brand new games straight from this year's essen. We also give an overview of some upcoming Green Couch games and also of ManaSurge. Thanks for Listening!

Tonight Dan and Chris do a two man show. And they venture off into very familiar territory of seemingly every topic in the world. Kickstarter? Check. Blizzcon, Check. Star Wars game announcement, Check. Charity Event, Check. DC Dice Masters, Check. and much much more! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_112-Ramblin_men_with_Rusty_nail_and_Kona.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:14am EDT

Dan Chris and Marty set out on a course on this back to the future day, a course to record a simple 15 min power hour with our good buddy Matt Riddle, but since it's been a few months since we saw the big lug we just kept talking for a full two hours! You won't be disappointed though as we talk about Star Wars Ep VII, Legacy games, Fantasy Sports and some fall TV. As well as some chat about Isle of Sky, Blood Rage and a whole host of other stuff. Just another great show! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_111--_15_min_power_hour_and_more_with_Matt_Ridde.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:03pm EDT

Tonight Dan is joined by Chris, Wolfe and Adam S, as we talk about a whole bunch of games we have been playing at conventions lately. We also do nice previews of two great kickstarters, J Alex Kevern's World's Fair 1893 and The Fleeple's Morocco. We also announce another contest to benefit Gamers for Cures. Thanks for listening

Tonight we get to have a longer sitdown with the King of Stronghold games and co-host of board games insider Stephen Buonocore. We chat some gaming, some upcoming titles and about podcasting. We are also joined by a fine fellow, Jerry Hawthorne, the creator of Mice and Mystics and the upcomming Tail Feathers by Plaid Hat Games. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_109_Interviews_with_Stephen_Buonocore_and_Jerry_Hawthorne.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:39pm EDT

Tonight Dan, Chris and Marty are joined by Rhiannon Ochs as our 4th chair for the next 15 min power hour. We touch on games to movies, book series to tv/movies, some summer movie love/hate and a Disney HOT TOPIC! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_108_15_Minute_Power_Hour_with_guest_Rhiannon_Ochs.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:54pm EDT

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Adam O, and Adam S, as we talk about a TON of great games from Gen Con 2015 and we get into a nice review of La Granja a great new game from Stronghold games. Also listen up for our 2nd way to enter the cool stuff inc contest as well. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_107--Gen_Con_2015_Wrap_up_and_LaGranja_Review.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

This is our show recorded live at the Crowne hotel on Sat afternoon of Gen Con. We were joined by our Jack Vasal auction winner Alex, Chris, Dan Adam O, Matt and whole host of special guests. It was a great time and we gave out a ton of great prizes. So make sure you join us next year! Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy.

Direct download: Episode_106_Gen_Con_2015_LIVE.mp3
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It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! That's right time for Gen Con 2015, and our yearly preview of the top 11 for you to try at the con and top 11 for you to buy at the con. And joining Dan and Chris again this year is our good buddy and BGG newsman W Eric Martin/ Thanks for listening!

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Tonight Chris and Dan start off with some news and some what we have been playing chat. Including a discussion about forbidden stars. Then Isaac Vega and Jonathan Gilmour join the cast to talk about Dead of Winter Expansions, Ashes and News at 11. And finally all 4 of us play a game of News at 11. It's an amazingly fun time that we hope everyone will love! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_104_Ashes_and_News_at_11_with_Jon_Gilmour_and_Isaac_Vega.mp3
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Tonight we give you our pilot episode of a periodic format we will start soon called the 15 min power hour. 4 hosts, 4 topics 15 mins per topic. Topics will be varied and not just board gaming each time. This week we have Marty Tiffany Chris and Dan as our hosts. Topics include Movie re-boots, iOS gaming, stand out games and Kickstarter! Thanks for listening!

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Tonight we are excited to be joined by Ben and Matt for our annual Origins recap. What we played what we loved and what we didn't. We touch on a few kickstarters as well as the monsterous new game by the Fleeples themselves Monster Truck Mayhem now up on kickstarter. We hope you enjoy the 20 or so games we mention on the show, and as always thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_102--_Origins_recap_and_Monster_Truck_Mayhem_with_the_Fleeples.mp3
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All of our Rogues are back for this one! Dan, Chris, Badell, Marty, Darrell and of course our resident bar tender Avery! We get into Avengers 2, Finales of Arrow and Flash and some chat about supergirl and Legends of tomorrow. Thanks for listening and hope to see everyone at Origins 2015!

Well we have finally made it! A very special episode 100! Tonight we bring on some of the best of the best to talk about "so you want to make a podcast"! Dan and Chris are joined first by the king of all podcasting Scott Johnson, and our very first All-Star and guests, and all around great guy Josh Augustine. Then after that Dan talks using music in your podcast with Mr. Coverville, Brian Ibbott. Thanks for listening for these years and thanks to all our special guests over the years. We can't wait to record 100 more shows!

The Rogues Gallery of Dan, Chris, Badell, Marty, Louder and Steve Avery all get together in one MEGA CAST to talk about all things super hero. From Arrow, to Daredevil, to Flash, to the Avengers to the MCU to Superman V Batman, we hit it ALL. It's a great show and some great rants to be had! Thanks for listening

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Tonight Chris and Dan are joined by Joel Eddy of Drive Thru Review as they discuss a bunch of games played on Tabletop Day, including Deus and Aquasphere and maybe even a hint of Daredevil talk! Then we talk with Brad and JR from Level 99 games about the company and the exciting game coming to kickstarter Millenium Blades! Thanks for listening!

In this super sized episode, we have our Yearly March Madness Tourney. This year we try and find the BEST filler game there is. Who will win? Who will be upset? You will have to listen to find out. This years panel includes Dan, Chris, Matt, Ruth and Adam S. With some write in tie breakers to help us out as well. Thanks for listening!

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Tonight once again we have a spectacular "So you want to..." type show. We delve into playing RPGs for a live podcast/youtube production. And for this we have 3 of the best guests the world has ever seen. We have Rodrigo Lopez the DM of the Main Campaign of the podcast Critical Hit (On the Major Spoilers network), Donald Shultz the amazing DM from the Board with Life D&D campaign, and Lance "Undead Viking" Myxter who DM's our Youtube Campaign "BoomQuest". IT's a great show that I know you will love! If you are wanting to create a RPG group to broadcast to the world this is a place to get all the tips from the pros! Thanks for Listening!

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Tonight we bring to you an amazing panel Dan was blessed to moderate which included two of our favorite designers. Richard Launius and Mike Fitzgerald were amazing guests and poured out some great advice to the UnPub 5 crowd. Dan is also joined by Marty from Rolling Dice and Taking Names (Chris is out of town this week), and they discuss the Golden Geek Award winners. Thanks for Listening!

Tonight we get a visit from our good buddies Matt and Ben and we initiate Jonathan Gilmour into the ranks of Allstars. We talk about abunch of great games we played at UnPub and what these guys have coming out themselves in the coming years. And then we chat with Stephen Buonocore about some news and releases. Thanks for Listening!

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Tonight Dan, Chris, Matt, AJOB, and Tom G bring you our top 11 of 2014 and also crown our Geek Allstars GAME OF THE YEAR!! Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Tonight Dan, Chris and Wolfe and joined by our good buddy Matt Riddle to chat about games we played during the Holidays, an ethical question of sorts and what role does component Quality have in how good a game is? It's a nice long but even  more enjoyable episode! Thanks for listening. Nex episode is our top 11 of 2014 so stay tuned!

Direct download: Episode_92_Components_importance_in_games_with_guest_Matt_Riddle.mp3
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On tonight's special pre-Christmas episode we decided we would open ye olde mailbag and answer some questions from the guild and the listeners. It's been waaaayyy too long since we have done this so we thought it would be quite a fun time. Dan, Chris, TC and Darrell touch on a bunch of great questions. Also we hit on a ton of Flash and Arrow chat and what we thought of the mid season finales and what we think is ahead! Thanks for listening!
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Tonight Dan is joined by Chris, Matt, and Tom G, as Dan Reviews Kanban and the others give their thoughts after one play. We also give a nice in depth preview of Tiny Epic Galaxies, the next big game from Gamelyn Games in the Tiny Epic line. We also get into some Thanksgiving gaming with our families, some BGGcon hipster games with Matt, and a couple of new essen Gems Dan got to play recently. We surely cannot forget Q's from the Schmoes and FLASH talk! Thanks for listening!

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Nonsensical ones Tiffany and Dan H as well as good buddy Matt Wolfe. We cover last weekends 4th annual Gamers For Cures charity board game marathon and all the games that we got to play. Also covered are some Kickstarters including Dragons Flame, Phoenix Covenant, Lap Dance and New Bedford. And we even touch on the recent Blizzard announcement of Overwatch! Thanks for listening

Due to storage limits tonight we have a real brief show. We decided to do another great top 3 bum one list. This time we cover TV Series Finales. We also touch briefly on the Phoenix Covenant Kickstarter the Sentinels of the Multiverse app and of course the big Marvel Movie Announcements from today. Also please check out to help us raise money for Turner Syndrome Society of the US

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Tonight Dan, Chris, Matt and Adam O FINALLY get to the most anticiplated and promised episode, the TOP 11 Stephan Feld Games. We also had the pleasure of playing Feld's new Game La Isla and we do a very detailed preview/review of it. What did we think of it? And which is the Allstars Pick for best Feld? You will have to listen to find out! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_87--_Top_11_Feld_Games_and_La_Isla_Preview.mp3
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Tonight we finish up a fine cross-over event with Marty and tony of Rolling Dice and Taking names. We talk recap of summer movies, a review of the first 2 weeks of Gotham, some other fall TV chatter, and of course some Games/lists with them as well. Thanks for Listening!

Tonight we are joined by the dynamic duo from the hugely popular podcast Rolling Dice and Taking Names, Marty and Tony. We are also happy to welcome back to the show Todd/Gyroplay. They all join Dan and Chris for a super size mega epic (aka LONG) episode which is so epic we had to make it two episodes. This episode focuses on board gaming some news, some kick starter and in fine GAS fashion, a Dan Rant or two. Next week in Part two we will have some summer movie chat, some Fall TV chat and some fun games with the gang! Thanks for listening!

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In this episode Dan and Chris are joined by Socially inept gamer Tiffany and league of nonsensical Dan H, to talk about a TON of games we bought at gen con and have gotten to play since then. We also talk to philip duBarry about Skyway Robbery, and our monthly SITDOWN WITH THE DON with Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold games. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode84--_Three_guys_a_girl_and_a_ton_of_gen_con_games.mp3
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In this part 2 we talk live on the show floor, at the Dice Tower Booth on Friday. We talk to great guests like AJ Porferio, Chevee Dodd, Richard Launius, Mike Fitzgerald and Tom and Eric from the Dice Tower as well! We also bring you a brief interview with Mitch from Hairbrained Schemes about Golem Arcana. The audio will switch back and forth from the regular to the backup so please bare with us. And as always thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_83--Gen_Con_Live_2014_Part_2.mp3
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We had a great time at gen con and the LIVE show at the Westin was no exception. I hope the audio is ok. Remember I didn't have time to edit anything so it might be a bit low. I just wanted to get this up as fast as possible so we can all enjoy some fun from Gen Con. Also Part 2 hopefully will be in a week. Pt. 2 will just have to be edited quite a bit b/c of Tech issues so it should be next week. Enjoy!

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That's right fellow Schmoes, we are joined tonight by BGG's own Guru of News, W. Eric Martin, as we talk about ALL things games and all things Gen Con. We do our annual Top 11 to Try and Top 11 to Buy at Gen Con, and we cover A LOT of games. I hope my wallet can handle everything I need to buy! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_81_Gen_Con_2014_Top_11_to_Try_and_top_11_to_Buy.mp3
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Tonight Dan had the  priviledge to interview two of the better publishers in the biz today, Christopher Bidell of Greater Than Games, who talks about the possibility of Sentinal Tactics being at Gen Con or not, and other assorted scoops/teasers and also Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold games who tells us if we have to RUN to his booth for the release of some copies of Panamax and other assorted goodies. Two great guys two great interviews... as always thanks for listening. Please check out our Full Gen Con preview next week.

Direct download: Episode80_Gen_Con_Previews_of_Greater_Than_Games_and_Stronghold.mp3
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Wow this episode is chuck full of people. Chris and Matt join Dan for some what have we been playing, Chris and Dan talk Marvel Dice Masters. We interview Jason Tagmire, Phillip Dubarry and Darrell Louder! We chat Thor being a Woman, and we finish up with top 3 John Cusack movies and his one BUM movie. Thanks for listening! Find us now on stitcher!

Direct download: Episode_79_Interviews_Galore_and_Cusack_Top_3_Bum_1.mp3
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Tonight there is SIX yes SIX of us here to talk about all things Origins 2014 and a whole lot more. Thanks to Chris as always, The Fleeples (Matt and Ben), Stephanie and TC for joining me (Dan) on yet another amazing show. We cover a bevvy of games, a bunch of great people we talked to, and a few cool stories on what we did at the con. Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Episode_78_Origins_2014_Wrapup.mp3
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Tonight Dan and Chris get into a 3 act show. We start with a nice chat with Stronghold games' own Stephen Buonocore who we always love to talk to. Then we do an overview of a few games we know will be at Origins and which we want to play. Next we get into a Marvel Dice Masters Chat segment, and we conclude with some Xmen talk which is full of spoilers. But don't worry we saved them for the very end of the show so you won't have to fast forward for the other content. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode77_Origins_Preview_Buonocore_stops_by_and_Xmen_Spoilers.mp3
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Dig in and find a cozy place to listen, this is a nice long episode, but boy is it a fun one! We get into a TON of great games in our what we have been playing. We also give our thoughts on the Spiel and Kennerspiel des Jahres. Thanks to Paul Owen and Joel Eddy for joining Dan and Chris for a great episode! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_76-_What_we_have_been_playing_and_Spiel_DJ_Nomination_chat.mp3
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Tonight we have what might be the greatest cast of personalities ever assembled. We continue our series with "So you want to make board game videos" with a star cast of Rodney of Watch it Played, Lance the Undead Viking, Joel from Drive Thru Review, and Chris who does TONS of Kickstarter Videos and also reviews. Dan moderates the discussion and also we touch on the recent success of Marvel Dice Masters. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: GeekAllstars_Episode_75.mp3
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Tonight we bring on another member of our Dice Hate Me Mafia in the super cool super nice super bearded Jason Kotarski. I don't know how I never have had him on before but tonight I FIX that terrible oversight. We also start our "so you want to..." series with "So you want to playtest games". It was a super fun show and thanks to Kotarski and Chris for helping me tonight make it the best show it could be! Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Episode_74_Jason_Kotarski_interview_and_So_you_want_to_playtest_games.mp3
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Here is what you have been waiting for, the REST of the mightly Dice Game Tourney. Who will win? How many roll offs? And will Dan ever shut up? Enjoy and thanks for listening!!!

Direct download: Episode_73_March_Craziness_Dice_Tourney_Part_2.mp3
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It's HERE! Our Second Annual March Craziness Dice Game Style!! We do a 36 game head to head single elimination tournament. Our voters are Dan, Chris, AJOB, Matt and Tom G. This first episode will be all of round 1 and later in the week will be the rest of the tourney! We also talk some news (Kanban announcement!!) and what we have been playing (semi-briefly). Thanks For Listening!

Direct download: Episode_72_March_Craziness_Dice_Game_Style_Part_1.mp3
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Tonight is mainly a PrezCon wrapup show with our VERY special guests Stephanie Straw and TC Petty III, but we also touch on news from Stronghold Games and Cryptozoic. With a nice added discussion on the games Euphoria and Coup. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode71--_Three_Men_and_a_Straw.mp3
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Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Fleet Designers Matt and Ben for a marathon chat session of pure awesomeness. We touch on a TON of items from snow to video games to Board Games (Rampage/Going Going Gone/Speicherstadt). We hear some updates on their designs and of course everyones favorite guest game THIS or THAT. Thanks for listening!

Tonight we are extremely excited to bring you an interview with a great designer,a successful publisher and one hell of a nice guy Colby Dauch. We cover everything from Summoner Wars to Seafall to Dead of Winter. We want to thank Colby for such a great interview and thank all of you for listening. I hope you check out their great products and the pre order for Dead of Winter

Direct download: Episode_69--_Interview_with_Colby_Dauch.mp3
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Tonight we have one of our favorite episodes of the year, the TOP games of 2013. We also have a nice preview at the beginning of the episode of a FANTASTIC kickstarter going on right now called Eternal Dynasty by designer Nicholas Yu, please check it out. As always thanks for listening! Tonights Allstars are Dan, Chris, Tom and the newest Allstar Matt Wolf.

Happy New Year everyone! Tonight I am joined again by Mrs. GeekJock (Janice) and Adam O. We talk about a metric ton of games we played in the last few weeks, and also give a great overview of the upcoming Gamlyn Games Kickstarter Tiny Epic Kingdoms. I hope the sound is good b/c I got new software. And I also used some drop ins, a big huge sorry ahead of time for that one. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode67.mp3
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I am joined this episode by Dice Hate Me Chris, Adam O, and Socially Inept Gamer Herself Tiffany! Tonight we had a nice roud table recap of our Gamers For Cures charity Board Game Marathon, mainly what we played. We then do a nice in depth review of Eldritch Horror and Trains. Thanks for Listening!

This episode features the return of Todd AKA Gyroplay from Antarctica! We hear about what he has been up to for 13 months on the Ice and what games he played while down there. We also talk about the release of Lords of Waterdeep on the iOS. We are really excited to have him back and cannot wait for more great episodes with him. Thanks for listening and we will have the update on the results of the Gamers For Cures 24 hour Charity marathon on the next episode.

Direct download: Episode_65_--The_Wayward_Meeple_has_Returned.mp3
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Tonight Chris and I have the pleasure of interviewing Ben Rosset, the designer of Brew Crafters. We cover a ton of stuff, from early gaming with his Grandma to what makes Brew Crafters' tick. We also wanted to let you know how you can get in on the raffle fun of the Gamers For Cures 24 hour board game marathon to benefit Turner Syndrome Society of the US. You can STILL get your raffle tickets and win one of the 90+ great prizes! Check out for more info!

Tonight we ramble on for 3 hours on a TON of topics. First we introduce Mrs. GeekJock's beautiful voice to the airways, then head to Kickstarter. We then touch on the HUGE amount of games we have been playing including a ton of smaller Essen releases we got to play, many of them smaller Japanese card games. We finally get to our long awaited Firewall review (NOW ON KICKSTARTER please check it out). And someone said there is thing called Essen next week and Adam will tell us what games he will buy. Thanks for listening!!

Today We got to talk about some new and old fall TV shows, What we have been playing, and Dan and Adam pitch Chris their idea for a new game! Chris also pitched us on a new game (Weird huh?). Finally we hit on a question or two from the mail bag.

Direct download: Episode_62_Pitch_me_a_game.mp3
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Today we check in on the last day of our con within a con Joe Schmoe Con 2013. We touch on a ton of games including Pillars o the Earth Downfall of Pompei, Gravewell, Viva Java (and MORE) and give our feed back on all of them. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

Direct download: Episode61_Joe_Schmoe_Con_2013_Wrap_up.mp3
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Tonight, despite crazy thunder storms we recorded our Gen Con 2013 recap show. We go day by day and give insight into what we did , what we played and how we liked many games from Gen Con. It's a good look into the craziness that is 4 of the best days in gaming every year. Watch out for the LOUD clap of thunder which scared the bejesus out of us at about the 1 hour mark. We also announce the winner of our Cool Stuff Inc contest. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_60_Gen_Con_Recap.mp3
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Tonight we get a little informal of a chat where we try and give you what we will Demo at Gen Con this year and what we want to Buy this year at gen con. It's a pair of fantastic top 11 lists (b/c everything is better to 11!). Chris and Dan are joined by Darrell Louder (who had to leave early) and the fine hair of TC Petty III (Who had to show up late). Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy this on your way to Gen Con 2013!

Direct download: Geek_Allstars_Episode_59_Gen_Con_2013_What_to_try_and_what_to_buy.mp3
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We have a GREAT show lined up today! We had the amazing pleasure of interviewing two of the true greats in the industry today in Dan Yarrington of Game Salute and Myriad Games fame, and Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold games. We talk to Dan about his history of gaming and becoming a store owner as well as his transition into fullfillment and what they are doing of late to help the newer and smaller game publishers out there. As for Mr. Buonocore, not only do we hear about his gaming roots but we hear what is in store from Stronghold Games at Gen Con and get a scoop or two from him about some previously unmentioned future projects. And we also announce our part in Dice Tower Network's Cool Stuff Inc gift certificate giveaway contest! Thanks for listening!

Tonight is a great episode, we have 5 of us on a nice round table discussing a TON of stuff. We talk about Kickstarters current and KS controversy. We also touch what we have been playing of late, and we finish off with some great Movie talk both from what has been announced at Comic Con and also what has been out this summer. Thanks for listening!

It's another Cross over special with Chris's State of Games Podcast. Today we talk to David and Fred of Clever Mojo games about Princes of the Dragon Throne coming to the finish line, and other upcomming titles from CMG including Scoops on Alien Frontiers, Swinging Jivecat Vodoo Lounge, PODT and many others! It's scoop city today so give it a listen and thanks as always for listening!

Direct download: Episode_56--_Princes_of_the_Dragon_Throne_and_Clever_Mojo_Games_Secial.mp3
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Tonight we talk about a TON of games from Origins including Augustus, Times UP!, Xanadu, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Valuspa, Guild Hall, Brew Crafters and of course Viva Java Dice (currently on Kickstarter). We are joined on this show by the VJ designer himself TC Petty III, Dice Hate Me Chris, GeekJock and our newest Allstar Shawn Purtell. It was a great time and we go on a bit long but hopefully it's fun as always! I also give my take on a new game coming out from Game Salute called Epic Death. Thanks for listening and sorry for the small delay between shows!

Direct download: Episode55--_AVE_ALLSTARS_Origins_Recap.mp3
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Tonight I am THRILLED to talk with Cryptozoic President and CCO and creator of the new HEX TCG/MMO Cory Jones. We cover a wide variety of questions I have for him and he dishes a ton of great answers for us. I want to thank him for being an amazing guest and all around cool guy, and also thanks to Crypto for putting out such amazing games!

Direct download: Episode_54--Interview_with_Cryptozoics_Cory_Jones.mp3
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Yep this is an epic cast for the ages! Not only do we have 5 of us tonight (Dan,Chris,Tom G, TC Petty, Darrell Louder) but we hit an all time high for length in an Allstar Cast at 2 hours and 34 mins! It's a great Super Hero Theme as we talk about Summer movies, Contrast Super Hero Games (DC DBG/Marvel Legendary and also Sentinals of the Multiverse), and talk Super hero Kickstarters! Please stick with us for the whole episode this one is one of the best yet! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_52_Super_Podcast_Cross_Over.mp3
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Tonight I interview Nicholas yu, the designer of the 2 player card game Hero Brigade now up on Kickstarter. I had a little bit of a fight with Skype the whole time we were doing the interview so sorry if there are some issues with the recording quality. PLEASE check out this real quality game now up on kickstarter. I think you will really enjoy it!

Dan and Josh are back to talk some computer gaming as well as LoL this week. We tackle the hugely popular and wildly cool future release of Hearthstone. Then we talk about some things to work on for solo que-ing in LoL. Thanks for joining us!

Direct download: Episode51_Teach_a_Noob_LoL--Theres_a_Hearthstone_next_to_my_Nexus.mp3
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We have made it to episode 50! Today we have Dan, Red, Chris and Adam in the hosting chairs. This episode is a bit longer then normal as we celebrate the big 5-0 and also go into a Worker Placement madness tournament with seeding and everything! We go round by round until we have a TOP Worker Placement Game in the Eyes of the Geek Allstars! I want to thank each any everyone for listening and I hope you join us for the next 50!

Direct download: Episode_50_Extravagaza_and_Worker_Placement_Madness_Tournament.mp3
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Tonight I had the pleasure of talking with Fleet designers Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback. It was a great time and I cannot stress how cool these two guys are to chat with. As always it's a Geek Allstars chat so we wander through all sorts of topics into and out of gaming and geekdom so please enjoy! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Geek_Allstars_Episode_49--_Interview_with_Fleet_Designers_Matt_and_Ben.mp3
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Today we are chuck full of content as we are joined by GeekJock, Dice Hate Me Chris, Adam O and Tom G, where we talk about a Ground Zero (Manhattan Project) and Ground Zero. Our thoughts and mini-reviews on both. We also hit on our Predictions for 2013 in Board Gaming and also IP's we would like to see made into board games!

Direct download: Episode_48_Ground_Zero_Floor.mp3
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Today Dan Adam and Chris talk about a bunch of topics from TV and Movies we have watched to what we have been playing and then also launch into a discussion of if Feeding in Worker Placement games is old Hate or a necessity. Hope you like our new intro and outro. LEt us know what you think on our guild and thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_47_LastWill_and_WP_games.mp3
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Tonight we talk about literally EVERYTHING. From Jungle, to ranked to Top to WoW! So stop by and see how Dan and Josh are doing with their Ranked play in season 3 and what will Dan's Champ of the month assignment be from Josh? Thanks for listening please mail us with any Q's or follow us on Twitter!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_46-_Teach_a_Noob_LoL_player.mp3
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It's our yearly best games of the year show with GeekJock, Red, Tom G and Dice Hate Me Chris. See what will win the official Geek Allstars BG of 2012! NOTE: we had to table the "If and When is it ok to quit a game" Q of te week till next round-table. We will do it next time! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_45_Best_Games_of_2012.mp3
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Today GeekJock and Adam O review the new DC Comics Deck Building Game. It's one we have talked about in the past as enjoying but hear more about why and how to play and what we think of each of the Heroes you can play in the game. Thanks for listening please check out our guild on BGG!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_44_DC_Comics_DBG_Review.mp3
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Today GeekJock and Adam review the hot "board game" Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. See what we think of the latest DBG to hit the main stream. Is it worth the hype? Listen and find out!! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_43_Legendary_Review.mp3
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Tonight we toast to the noob GeekJock finally hitting 30! Yep the elusive level 30 and so now what's next? We talk about what's next with Josh and also Josh assigns Dan a champ of the month! It's a tough one. How will he do? You will have to tune in and see who it is. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_42_Teach_a_Noob_LoL_Player..._LEVEL_30_TIME.mp3
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Hey and Happy New Year from the Geek Allstars! Today we welcome old favorite Dice Hate Me Chris and new All Star guest Tom G to the Show. We talk about some games we have been playing and some we are looking forward to in 2013. We also try and touch on some movies coming out this year and our thoughts on them as well! Going to be a great year for the All Stars as we add to our guest roster and add to the games we have to play! Thanks for listening. Find us at

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_41-Welcome_to_the_New_Year_of_Gaming.mp3
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We have hit the big 4-0! Today we touch on a bunch of gaming news, we go into Dice Hate Me's Christmas shopping list, and we even go into some movie talk about The Hobbit, Justice League and give some wishes for the upcoming NEW Star Wars movies. Thanks for listening and can't wait for 40 more episodes!

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Tonight we get together to talk all about last weekend's Gamers For Cures 2nd annual 24 Hour Board Game Marathon to Benefit Turner Syndrome Society of the US.A great time was had and a ton of money was raised for a great cause! We also give a great preview of an amazing upcoming release from Clever Mojo Games, Princes Of The Dragon Throne. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy!

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Tonight Josh and GeekJock talk about the recent season 2 LoL championships, Jungling, and our Champion of the week pick that GeekJock will start to use... no more Viegar for now. Who will it be??? Listen and find out! Thanks for listening and feel free to tweet us some feedback, segement suggestions and questions.

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We are back after missing a week due to vacation and illness. Tonight we talk about a bunch of games we played in the past weeks and also the plethera of Kickstarters both out there and that we backed! As an added note there is a Gyroplay update in this episode as well! Thanks for listening.

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Tonight Red Adam O and GeekJock get together to talk about the full full weekend of gaming which was a local con called "That Board Game Thing" (TBGT). We played a ton of games and had a blast doing so. We also talk about helping out at the Escapist Expo that same weekend. Sorry for the delay in between shows, real life has hit hard this month! See you next time. Don't forget to check out for our 24 hour charity BG marathon info!

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This installment of teaching a LoL noob, is a real good one. We get some feedback on how GeekJock is doing and some questions and feedback from Josh. Josh goes into some finer points of PvP and also gives GJ some homework! Thanks for listening.

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Tonight we give a history of how we became Geeks. What games we started with what movies and concerts ect. Since tonight is likely the last time the three of us will be together recording in the same room for some time we wanted to get nostalgic for it all. We will still be recording regularly but likely via skype and more with GeekJock and Adam/Chris.

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Today we are joined by Dice Hate Me Chris as we go back in time one week and talk about our trip to GEN CON! Dan, Chris and Adam (All who went) are joined by Red for the recap of all things good and bad of this years Gen Con. There was more good then bad and I know I speak for all of us when I say we cannot wait for next year!

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This episode we try a few things we haven't in a while. First new guest segments! Yep we have the new Mentor a Noob At LoL segment, starring GeekJock and Josh Augustine. And second we have a show with just GeekJock and Red. Gyroplay couldn't make it today. We talk about the play of Alien Frontiers Factions and The Dominant Species card game, get some Kickstarter updates, and after the new segment we talk about a ton of games we are looking forward to at Gen Con. Thanks for listening

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_episode_32_edited.mp3
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Today we are excited to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the designers/publishers of the Kickstarter game Heroes of Metro City. GeekJock talks with David to find out about the past present and future of the project. What it is, where it is going and why should we back it! Thanks to David for a great interview and please check out their web site and their Kickstarter page.

Direct download: Episode_31_Interview_With_Heroes_of_Metro_City_David_Boostrom.mp3
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Tonight we talk about a bunch of gaming goodness and get into a full on Dark Knight Rises debate. Who liked it and who did not? You will have to listen to find out! We also have a few big announcements from Gyroplay, and a couple of announcements from Dice Hate Me Games. Thanks as always to Chris for joining us on the show.

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_30.mp3
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Tonight we have a special treat instore! We unbox D-Day dice right on the episode. We wanted to keep it a secret but honestly we are way too excited to get it opened! We also talk about some League of Legends and of course Spiderman, Batman and even some Fallen Skies talk. Soo much to talk about sooo little time. Thanks for listening!

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Nope, there isn't a ton of fighting amongst the Allstars. Well no more then usual! This episode features a ton of random Civil War references including us talking about THREE new movies focused on the Civil War era. We talk about a bunch of new Trailers (links on our main site We also hit on a few new board games such as Nefarious, Manhattan Project and the Kingdom Builder Expansion! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_28.mp3
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Today Gyroplay returns to talk about the excitement (or lack of) of Origins 2012. We also get into some talking about E3. Oh, and Adam O joins us for a little while as well. Just another fun day with the Geek Allstars! We are happy to complete one full year of podcasting. Thanks for all who listen and we hope to be here for many more!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_27.mp3
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Today we get some Video and MMO news done, talk about Origins and Gen Con a bit and finally we go head first into talking about Diablo 3! We give some reviews, plenty of tips and overviews of each class in the game! Thanks for listening

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_26.mp3
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Today we have an afternoon recording, in which we talk about recent gaming, some kickstarter arrivals, and of course the Avengers phenomenon. Did Gyroplay and GeekJock have a throwdown about another movie or will they agree this time? You will have to see! Thanks to all our listeners we have reached 25 episodes! We are excited about it and hope the next 25 go as smoothly as the 1st 25 did!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_25.mp3
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Today we chat about this year's summer blockbuster season. We also have a Summer Movie Draft in which we each pick 3 movies for a victory point to the winner! The Geek AllStars first real contest is announced as well so listen in and enjoy.

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_24.mp3
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That's right all we welcome back two grass roots "Friends Of The Show", Chris from Dice Hate Me and Adam O. We cover a ton of board gaming and Movie talk! Will we even get to the topic of the day? You will have to listen and find out. And we give out another coupon code for our fans. Please join our Guild now on BGG.

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_23.mp3
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Today we recap GeekJocks debut at the Carolina Hurricanes Alumni Fantasy Game from Sunday, and head into some other topics including some new movie trailers we watched, some movies we saw and the big announcement of The Geek And Sundry channel on youtube. Thanks for listening as always!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_22.mp3
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Today we review the new Thunderstone Advance from AEG. See what we thought of the re-tooling of the old Deck building classic.

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_21.mp3
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Today we got to review the new Euro-style board game Lords of Waterdeep by Wizards of the Coast. Let us know what you think by commenting on our website. And keep a lookout for our Guild on BGG

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_20.mp3
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Tonight we try and catch up by talking about a TON of gaming and movies. We played D&D Euro -- Lords of Waterdeep right before the show and talk about the impending play of Zong Shi right after the show. In movie news we touch on the "John Carter" debate of if it's a "bomb" or not. And as usual we get on a weird tangent in which Gyroplay confesses why he wants to punch Stephen Hawking.

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_19.mp3
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Gyroplay is at the helm of tonights podcast, and we talk about colorblind boardgaming, new movie trailers, what we have seen lately and some MMO talk as well. For full notes check out Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_18.mp3
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It might not truly be the best podcasting ever but we manage to go over Dan's pet peeve for movie length of 90 mins. Tonight we discuss that, along with a ton of other great things. We touch on the CES from last month in Vegas, some MMO news, our Kickstarter talk, quick reviews of some movies we saw this week and of course we talk about our play last week of Viva Java which we did after the last recording. It's another all over the map goodness of podcasting!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_17.mp3
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Tonight we have two special guests on the show. Joining us are Chris from Dice Hate Me Games who's game Viva Java just hit Kickstarter today, and a prominant board gamer and friend of the show Adam O who has a great perspective on gaming and game design. They join us to discuss all things Kickstarter and board gaming in general. As always we had a blast recording with them and cannot wait to have them on once again!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_16.mp3
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Tonight we go a little longer in attempt to fit in ALL of our best of the year lists. We tackle best and worst movies, best Board games, best video games AND best MMO's of the year. We also manage to talk about some upcoming board games we are looking forward to in the upcoming year.

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_15.mp3
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We take a look at one of our favorite board games of the year. The deckbuilding masterpiece by Seth Jaffee that is Eminent Domain. Please let us know what you think of the game and the review! Thegeekallstars{at}yahoo{dot}com

Direct download: Episode_14_Eminent_Domain_Review.mp3
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Today Todd and Dan review a new auction style patry-ish board game Masters of Commerce. How int he world does auction and party go together? Well listen up and find out!

Direct download: Episode_13_Master_of_Commerce_review.mp3
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Tonight we try and make up for the short episode last week. We re-cap more of our personal experiences from the 24 hour marathon for charity. We also get back into some TV talk and chat up a bunch of movies we have watched this month. And as always we want to say we love BACON.

Direct download: Episode_12.mp3
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Tonight we have a very special LIVE recording from our charity event. The Gamers For Cures 24 HOur Board Game Marathon to benefit the Turner Syndrome Society of the U at the Gamers Armory in Cary NC. We are proud to interview the owners of the Gamers Armory Scott and Crystal!

We also talk about some of the big games we played and the fun we were in the middle of having as well. Thanks to all who attended and donated to the great and successful event!

Direct download: The_Geek_All_Stars_Episode_11.mp3
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Tonight we had the pleasure of welcoming Chris from Dice Hate Me Games to the Show. We had a blast shooting the bull and talking all things board gaming and movies with him. We also talk about our first play of Alien Frontiers. Love it? Hate it? You will have to listen and see!

Direct download: TheGeekAllstarsEpisode10.mp3
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Tonight we are ALL OVER the map. We get into a review of The Walking Dead:The board game, we talk about X-Med: First cclass and we also talk about TV shows going bye bye... THAT and much much more!

Direct download: Geek_Allstars_Episode_9.mp3
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Tonight we talk about some new games we have played including King of Tokyo, and a bunch of movie trailers we have seen and like to see in the upcoming months. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_episode_8.mp3
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Gyroplay returns to host this episode after his trip to Seattle... We go a bit longer this ep to talk about GeekJocks Board Game convention, Gyroplay's trip and also we cover the Fall TV schedule and what YOU should watch. We hope you enjoy!

Direct download: GeekallstarsEpisode7.mp3
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In this episode we interview our first guest All-Star... The MMO All-Star himself Josh Augustine!

Direct download: The_Geek_All_Stars_Episode_6.mp3
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A fun all over the map episode. We talk about Quarriors! The new dice game, the Ascension tourney we played in, and then talk about a bunch of movies coming out this fall.

Direct download: thegeekallstarsepisodefive.mp3
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Tonight we are all over the map from iPad games to, Comic Movies , to telescopes and Dan must have forgotten it's not a video podcast! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Direct download: geekallstarsepisode4.mp3
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We have been having some hosting problems and are switching to a new host. SO Dan and Todd decide to argue about "Lost in Translation"

Direct download: Bonusepisodethreeandahalf.mp3
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Tonight we talk about the goings on in this years Comic Con

Direct download: Geekallstarsshowthree.mp3
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Tonight we talk about our picks for the Oscars. Did they get it right?

Direct download: Bonusepisodetwoandahalf.mp3
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Tonight we talk about playing some board games (Ascension, Carcassonne, Pikomino), and we have our epic Transformers 3 throwdown!

Direct download: thegeekallstarsepisodetwo.mp3
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Tonight we get our feet wet with the first episode of our podcast. Our audio is in stereo so sorry for the stereophonic sound to it. We are all in the same room for the next few shows so you will notice a difference in show 1. Enjoy!

Direct download: Podcast_episode_1.mp3
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