We take a look at one of our favorite board games of the year. The deckbuilding masterpiece by Seth Jaffee that is Eminent Domain. Please let us know what you think of the game and the review! Thegeekallstars{at}yahoo{dot}com

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Today Todd and Dan review a new auction style patry-ish board game Masters of Commerce. How int he world does auction and party go together? Well listen up and find out!

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Tonight we try and make up for the short episode last week. We re-cap more of our personal experiences from the 24 hour marathon for charity. We also get back into some TV talk and chat up a bunch of movies we have watched this month. And as always we want to say we love BACON.

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Tonight we have a very special LIVE recording from our charity event. The Gamers For Cures 24 HOur Board Game Marathon to benefit the Turner Syndrome Society of the U at the Gamers Armory in Cary NC. We are proud to interview the owners of the Gamers Armory Scott and Crystal!

We also talk about some of the big games we played and the fun we were in the middle of having as well. Thanks to all who attended and donated to the great and successful event!

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Tonight we had the pleasure of welcoming Chris from Dice Hate Me Games to the Show. We had a blast shooting the bull and talking all things board gaming and movies with him. We also talk about our first play of Alien Frontiers. Love it? Hate it? You will have to listen and see!

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Tonight we are ALL OVER the map. We get into a review of The Walking Dead:The board game, we talk about X-Med: First cclass and we also talk about TV shows going bye bye... THAT and much much more!

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Tonight we talk about some new games we have played including King of Tokyo, and a bunch of movie trailers we have seen and like to see in the upcoming months. Thanks for listening!

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Gyroplay returns to host this episode after his trip to Seattle... We go a bit longer this ep to talk about GeekJocks Board Game convention, Gyroplay's trip and also we cover the Fall TV schedule and what YOU should watch. We hope you enjoy!

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In this episode we interview our first guest All-Star... The MMO All-Star himself Josh Augustine!

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A fun all over the map episode. We talk about Quarriors! The new dice game, the Ascension tourney we played in, and then talk about a bunch of movies coming out this fall.

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Tonight we are all over the map from iPad games to, Comic Movies , to telescopes and Dan must have forgotten it's not a video podcast! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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We have been having some hosting problems and are switching to a new host. SO Dan and Todd decide to argue about "Lost in Translation"

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Tonight we talk about the goings on in this years Comic Con

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Tonight we talk about our picks for the Oscars. Did they get it right?

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Tonight we talk about playing some board games (Ascension, Carcassonne, Pikomino), and we have our epic Transformers 3 throwdown!

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Tonight we get our feet wet with the first episode of our podcast. Our audio is in stereo so sorry for the stereophonic sound to it. We are all in the same room for the next few shows so you will notice a difference in show 1. Enjoy!

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