On tonight's special pre-Christmas episode we decided we would open ye olde mailbag and answer some questions from the guild and the listeners. It's been waaaayyy too long since we have done this so we thought it would be quite a fun time. Dan, Chris, TC and Darrell touch on a bunch of great questions. Also we hit on a ton of Flash and Arrow chat and what we thought of the mid season finales and what we think is ahead! Thanks for listening!
Direct download: Episode_91_Mailbag_and_Flash_mid_season_spectacular.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:02pm EST

Tonight Dan is joined by Chris, Matt, and Tom G, as Dan Reviews Kanban and the others give their thoughts after one play. We also give a nice in depth preview of Tiny Epic Galaxies, the next big game from Gamelyn Games in the Tiny Epic line. We also get into some Thanksgiving gaming with our families, some BGGcon hipster games with Matt, and a couple of new essen Gems Dan got to play recently. We surely cannot forget Q's from the Schmoes and FLASH talk! Thanks for listening!

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Nonsensical ones Tiffany and Dan H as well as good buddy Matt Wolfe. We cover last weekends 4th annual Gamers For Cures charity board game marathon and all the games that we got to play. Also covered are some Kickstarters including Dragons Flame, Phoenix Covenant, Lap Dance and New Bedford. And we even touch on the recent Blizzard announcement of Overwatch! Thanks for listening

Due to storage limits tonight we have a real brief show. We decided to do another great top 3 bum one list. This time we cover TV Series Finales. We also touch briefly on the Phoenix Covenant Kickstarter the Sentinels of the Multiverse app and of course the big Marvel Movie Announcements from today. Also please check out Gamersforcures.com to help us raise money for Turner Syndrome Society of the US

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_88.mp3
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Tonight Dan, Chris, Matt and Adam O FINALLY get to the most anticiplated and promised episode, the TOP 11 Stephan Feld Games. We also had the pleasure of playing Feld's new Game La Isla and we do a very detailed preview/review of it. What did we think of it? And which is the Allstars Pick for best Feld? You will have to listen to find out! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_87--_Top_11_Feld_Games_and_La_Isla_Preview.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:48pm EST

Tonight we finish up a fine cross-over event with Marty and tony of Rolling Dice and Taking names. We talk recap of summer movies, a review of the first 2 weeks of Gotham, some other fall TV chatter, and of course some Games/lists with them as well. Thanks for Listening!

Tonight we are joined by the dynamic duo from the hugely popular podcast Rolling Dice and Taking Names, Marty and Tony. We are also happy to welcome back to the show Todd/Gyroplay. They all join Dan and Chris for a super size mega epic (aka LONG) episode which is so epic we had to make it two episodes. This episode focuses on board gaming some news, some kick starter and in fine GAS fashion, a Dan Rant or two. Next week in Part two we will have some summer movie chat, some Fall TV chat and some fun games with the gang! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_85_Rolling_Dice_with_The_Geek_Allstars_Part_1_Gaming_Chat.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:18pm EST

In this episode Dan and Chris are joined by Socially inept gamer Tiffany and league of nonsensical Dan H, to talk about a TON of games we bought at gen con and have gotten to play since then. We also talk to philip duBarry about Skyway Robbery, and our monthly SITDOWN WITH THE DON with Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold games. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode84--_Three_guys_a_girl_and_a_ton_of_gen_con_games.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00pm EST

In this part 2 we talk live on the show floor, at the Dice Tower Booth on Friday. We talk to great guests like AJ Porferio, Chevee Dodd, Richard Launius, Mike Fitzgerald and Tom and Eric from the Dice Tower as well! We also bring you a brief interview with Mitch from Hairbrained Schemes about Golem Arcana. The audio will switch back and forth from the regular to the backup so please bare with us. And as always thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_83--Gen_Con_Live_2014_Part_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:00pm EST

We had a great time at gen con and the LIVE show at the Westin was no exception. I hope the audio is ok. Remember I didn't have time to edit anything so it might be a bit low. I just wanted to get this up as fast as possible so we can all enjoy some fun from Gen Con. Also Part 2 hopefully will be in a week. Pt. 2 will just have to be edited quite a bit b/c of Tech issues so it should be next week. Enjoy!

Direct download: Episode_82-_Live_From_Gen_Con_2014_Part_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:01pm EST

That's right fellow Schmoes, we are joined tonight by BGG's own Guru of News, W. Eric Martin, as we talk about ALL things games and all things Gen Con. We do our annual Top 11 to Try and Top 11 to Buy at Gen Con, and we cover A LOT of games. I hope my wallet can handle everything I need to buy! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: Episode_81_Gen_Con_2014_Top_11_to_Try_and_top_11_to_Buy.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:55am EST

Tonight Dan had the  priviledge to interview two of the better publishers in the biz today, Christopher Bidell of Greater Than Games, who talks about the possibility of Sentinal Tactics being at Gen Con or not, and other assorted scoops/teasers and also Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold games who tells us if we have to RUN to his booth for the release of some copies of Panamax and other assorted goodies. Two great guys two great interviews... as always thanks for listening. Please check out our Full Gen Con preview next week.

Direct download: Episode80_Gen_Con_Previews_of_Greater_Than_Games_and_Stronghold.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:37pm EST

Wow this episode is chuck full of people. Chris and Matt join Dan for some what have we been playing, Chris and Dan talk Marvel Dice Masters. We interview Jason Tagmire, Phillip Dubarry and Darrell Louder! We chat Thor being a Woman, and we finish up with top 3 John Cusack movies and his one BUM movie. Thanks for listening! Find us now on stitcher!

Direct download: Episode_79_Interviews_Galore_and_Cusack_Top_3_Bum_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:22am EST

Tonight there is SIX yes SIX of us here to talk about all things Origins 2014 and a whole lot more. Thanks to Chris as always, The Fleeples (Matt and Ben), Stephanie and TC for joining me (Dan) on yet another amazing show. We cover a bevvy of games, a bunch of great people we talked to, and a few cool stories on what we did at the con. Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Episode_78_Origins_2014_Wrapup.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:31am EST

Tonight Dan and Chris get into a 3 act show. We start with a nice chat with Stronghold games' own Stephen Buonocore who we always love to talk to. Then we do an overview of a few games we know will be at Origins and which we want to play. Next we get into a Marvel Dice Masters Chat segment, and we conclude with some Xmen talk which is full of spoilers. But don't worry we saved them for the very end of the show so you won't have to fast forward for the other content. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode77_Origins_Preview_Buonocore_stops_by_and_Xmen_Spoilers.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:52pm EST

Dig in and find a cozy place to listen, this is a nice long episode, but boy is it a fun one! We get into a TON of great games in our what we have been playing. We also give our thoughts on the Spiel and Kennerspiel des Jahres. Thanks to Paul Owen and Joel Eddy for joining Dan and Chris for a great episode! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_76-_What_we_have_been_playing_and_Spiel_DJ_Nomination_chat.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:29pm EST

Tonight we have what might be the greatest cast of personalities ever assembled. We continue our series with "So you want to make board game videos" with a star cast of Rodney of Watch it Played, Lance the Undead Viking, Joel from Drive Thru Review, and Chris who does TONS of Kickstarter Videos and also reviews. Dan moderates the discussion and also we touch on the recent success of Marvel Dice Masters. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: GeekAllstars_Episode_75.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:32am EST

Tonight we bring on another member of our Dice Hate Me Mafia in the super cool super nice super bearded Jason Kotarski. I don't know how I never have had him on before but tonight I FIX that terrible oversight. We also start our "so you want to..." series with "So you want to playtest games". It was a super fun show and thanks to Kotarski and Chris for helping me tonight make it the best show it could be! Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Episode_74_Jason_Kotarski_interview_and_So_you_want_to_playtest_games.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:57pm EST

Here is what you have been waiting for, the REST of the mightly Dice Game Tourney. Who will win? How many roll offs? And will Dan ever shut up? Enjoy and thanks for listening!!!

Direct download: Episode_73_March_Craziness_Dice_Tourney_Part_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00am EST

It's HERE! Our Second Annual March Craziness Dice Game Style!! We do a 36 game head to head single elimination tournament. Our voters are Dan, Chris, AJOB, Matt and Tom G. This first episode will be all of round 1 and later in the week will be the rest of the tourney! We also talk some news (Kanban announcement!!) and what we have been playing (semi-briefly). Thanks For Listening!

Direct download: Episode_72_March_Craziness_Dice_Game_Style_Part_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:59pm EST

Tonight is mainly a PrezCon wrapup show with our VERY special guests Stephanie Straw and TC Petty III, but we also touch on news from Stronghold Games and Cryptozoic. With a nice added discussion on the games Euphoria and Coup. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode71--_Three_Men_and_a_Straw.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:59pm EST

Tonight Dan and Chris are joined by Fleet Designers Matt and Ben for a marathon chat session of pure awesomeness. We touch on a TON of items from snow to video games to Board Games (Rampage/Going Going Gone/Speicherstadt). We hear some updates on their designs and of course everyones favorite guest game THIS or THAT. Thanks for listening!

Tonight we are extremely excited to bring you an interview with a great designer,a successful publisher and one hell of a nice guy Colby Dauch. We cover everything from Summoner Wars to Seafall to Dead of Winter. We want to thank Colby for such a great interview and thank all of you for listening. I hope you check out their great products and the pre order for Dead of Winter

Direct download: Episode_69--_Interview_with_Colby_Dauch.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:18pm EST

Tonight we have one of our favorite episodes of the year, the TOP games of 2013. We also have a nice preview at the beginning of the episode of a FANTASTIC kickstarter going on right now called Eternal Dynasty by designer Nicholas Yu, please check it out. As always thanks for listening! Tonights Allstars are Dan, Chris, Tom and the newest Allstar Matt Wolf.

Happy New Year everyone! Tonight I am joined again by Mrs. GeekJock (Janice) and Adam O. We talk about a metric ton of games we played in the last few weeks, and also give a great overview of the upcoming Gamlyn Games Kickstarter Tiny Epic Kingdoms. I hope the sound is good b/c I got new software. And I also used some drop ins, a big huge sorry ahead of time for that one. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode67.mp3
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