Tonight we talk about literally EVERYTHING. From Jungle, to ranked to Top to WoW! So stop by and see how Dan and Josh are doing with their Ranked play in season 3 and what will Dan's Champ of the month assignment be from Josh? Thanks for listening please mail us with any Q's or follow us on Twitter!

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It's our yearly best games of the year show with GeekJock, Red, Tom G and Dice Hate Me Chris. See what will win the official Geek Allstars BG of 2012! NOTE: we had to table the "If and When is it ok to quit a game" Q of te week till next round-table. We will do it next time! Thanks for listening!

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Today GeekJock and Adam O review the new DC Comics Deck Building Game. It's one we have talked about in the past as enjoying but hear more about why and how to play and what we think of each of the Heroes you can play in the game. Thanks for listening please check out our guild on BGG!

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