Dan and Josh are back to talk some computer gaming as well as LoL this week. We tackle the hugely popular and wildly cool future release of Hearthstone. Then we talk about some things to work on for solo que-ing in LoL. Thanks for joining us!

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We have made it to episode 50! Today we have Dan, Red, Chris and Adam in the hosting chairs. This episode is a bit longer then normal as we celebrate the big 5-0 and also go into a Worker Placement madness tournament with seeding and everything! We go round by round until we have a TOP Worker Placement Game in the Eyes of the Geek Allstars! I want to thank each any everyone for listening and I hope you join us for the next 50!

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Tonight I had the pleasure of talking with Fleet designers Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback. It was a great time and I cannot stress how cool these two guys are to chat with. As always it's a Geek Allstars chat so we wander through all sorts of topics into and out of gaming and geekdom so please enjoy! Thanks for listening!

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