Tonight Dan, Chris and special guest Darrell Louder discuss and break down the good the bad and the ugly of Dawn of Justice. We Dangent as always a few time but it's a great discussion as always. Thanks for listening!

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Tonight Chris and Dan interview former MTG pro, creator of Ascension and current head of Stoneblade Ent. Justin Gary. An absolutely fun and interesting interview and special thanks to Justin for being a great guest. We touch on many things about game design both analog and digital, and of course a few Dan-Gents. Thanks for Listening!

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Tonight Dan And Chris talk about some games including Dice City and Grand Austria Hotel, which leads us into a nice discussion of Down time in games. Is it good, how bad is it? We also get a visit from the Don Buonocore and we give a nice preview of this year's Unpub 6! Thanks for listening!

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