Tonight with Chris sick and Robb on the lam Dan and David take the reins for an amazing GAME OF THE YEAR show for 2020. What will make the Shows top 11 and what will make the Schmoe's choice top 11 as well?? You will have to listen to find out! I am also sure we will find a way to talk about Ted Lasso for a little while as well! Thanks for listening!

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The Fleeples, Ben and Matt are back for some more GAS goodness, and another round of DRAFT IT! on the show. Tonight we talk about some KS, playing Asynch games online and a nice discussion about licenses, reskins and playing games on TTS. And of course 4 amazing new drafts we do on the show. Enjoy! And thanks for listening!

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Dan, Chris, David and Robb talk about EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING there is to talk about. From Ted Lasso, Cobra Kai, Greyhound, Titans, to Wonder Woman 84 and a nice talk about The Mandalorian S2. And we also get into some GAME discussion about Dune Imperium and The Lost Ruins of Arnak. It's a long one but FULL of All Star Goodness! Thanks for listening!

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