I am joined this episode by Dice Hate Me Chris, Adam O, and Socially Inept Gamer Herself Tiffany! Tonight we had a nice roud table recap of our Gamers For Cures charity Board Game Marathon, mainly what we played. We then do a nice in depth review of Eldritch Horror and Trains. Thanks for Listening!

This episode features the return of Todd AKA Gyroplay from Antarctica! We hear about what he has been up to for 13 months on the Ice and what games he played while down there. We also talk about the release of Lords of Waterdeep on the iOS. We are really excited to have him back and cannot wait for more great episodes with him. Thanks for listening and we will have the update on the results of the Gamers For Cures 24 hour Charity marathon on the next episode.

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Tonight Chris and I have the pleasure of interviewing Ben Rosset, the designer of Brew Crafters. We cover a ton of stuff, from early gaming with his Grandma to what makes Brew Crafters' tick. We also wanted to let you know how you can get in on the raffle fun of the Gamers For Cures 24 hour board game marathon to benefit Turner Syndrome Society of the US. You can STILL get your raffle tickets and win one of the 90+ great prizes! Check out www.gamersarmory.com for more info!

Tonight we ramble on for 3 hours on a TON of topics. First we introduce Mrs. GeekJock's beautiful voice to the airways, then head to Kickstarter. We then touch on the HUGE amount of games we have been playing including a ton of smaller Essen releases we got to play, many of them smaller Japanese card games. We finally get to our long awaited Firewall review (NOW ON KICKSTARTER please check it out). And someone said there is thing called Essen next week and Adam will tell us what games he will buy. Thanks for listening!!

Today We got to talk about some new and old fall TV shows, What we have been playing, and Dan and Adam pitch Chris their idea for a new game! Chris also pitched us on a new game (Weird huh?). Finally we hit on a question or two from the mail bag.

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Today we check in on the last day of our con within a con Joe Schmoe Con 2013. We touch on a ton of games including Pillars o the Earth Downfall of Pompei, Gravewell, Viva Java (and MORE) and give our feed back on all of them. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

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Tonight, despite crazy thunder storms we recorded our Gen Con 2013 recap show. We go day by day and give insight into what we did , what we played and how we liked many games from Gen Con. It's a good look into the craziness that is 4 of the best days in gaming every year. Watch out for the LOUD clap of thunder which scared the bejesus out of us at about the 1 hour mark. We also announce the winner of our Cool Stuff Inc contest. Thanks for listening!

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Tonight we get a little informal of a chat where we try and give you what we will Demo at Gen Con this year and what we want to Buy this year at gen con. It's a pair of fantastic top 11 lists (b/c everything is better to 11!). Chris and Dan are joined by Darrell Louder (who had to leave early) and the fine hair of TC Petty III (Who had to show up late). Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy this on your way to Gen Con 2013!

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We have a GREAT show lined up today! We had the amazing pleasure of interviewing two of the true greats in the industry today in Dan Yarrington of Game Salute and Myriad Games fame, and Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold games. We talk to Dan about his history of gaming and becoming a store owner as well as his transition into fullfillment and what they are doing of late to help the newer and smaller game publishers out there. As for Mr. Buonocore, not only do we hear about his gaming roots but we hear what is in store from Stronghold Games at Gen Con and get a scoop or two from him about some previously unmentioned future projects. And we also announce our part in Dice Tower Network's Cool Stuff Inc gift certificate giveaway contest! Thanks for listening!

Tonight is a great episode, we have 5 of us on a nice round table discussing a TON of stuff. We talk about Kickstarters current and KS controversy. We also touch what we have been playing of late, and we finish off with some great Movie talk both from what has been announced at Comic Con and also what has been out this summer. Thanks for listening!

It's another Cross over special with Chris's State of Games Podcast. Today we talk to David and Fred of Clever Mojo games about Princes of the Dragon Throne coming to the finish line, and other upcomming titles from CMG including Scoops on Alien Frontiers, Swinging Jivecat Vodoo Lounge, PODT and many others! It's scoop city today so give it a listen and thanks as always for listening!

Direct download: Episode_56--_Princes_of_the_Dragon_Throne_and_Clever_Mojo_Games_Secial.mp3
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Tonight we talk about a TON of games from Origins including Augustus, Times UP!, Xanadu, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Valuspa, Guild Hall, Brew Crafters and of course Viva Java Dice (currently on Kickstarter). We are joined on this show by the VJ designer himself TC Petty III, Dice Hate Me Chris, GeekJock and our newest Allstar Shawn Purtell. It was a great time and we go on a bit long but hopefully it's fun as always! I also give my take on a new game coming out from Game Salute called Epic Death. Thanks for listening and sorry for the small delay between shows!

Direct download: Episode55--_AVE_ALLSTARS_Origins_Recap.mp3
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Tonight I am THRILLED to talk with Cryptozoic President and CCO and creator of the new HEX TCG/MMO Cory Jones. We cover a wide variety of questions I have for him and he dishes a ton of great answers for us. I want to thank him for being an amazing guest and all around cool guy, and also thanks to Crypto for putting out such amazing games!

Direct download: Episode_54--Interview_with_Cryptozoics_Cory_Jones.mp3
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Yep this is an epic cast for the ages! Not only do we have 5 of us tonight (Dan,Chris,Tom G, TC Petty, Darrell Louder) but we hit an all time high for length in an Allstar Cast at 2 hours and 34 mins! It's a great Super Hero Theme as we talk about Summer movies, Contrast Super Hero Games (DC DBG/Marvel Legendary and also Sentinals of the Multiverse), and talk Super hero Kickstarters! Please stick with us for the whole episode this one is one of the best yet! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_52_Super_Podcast_Cross_Over.mp3
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Tonight I interview Nicholas yu, the designer of the 2 player card game Hero Brigade now up on Kickstarter. I had a little bit of a fight with Skype the whole time we were doing the interview so sorry if there are some issues with the recording quality. PLEASE check out this real quality game now up on kickstarter. I think you will really enjoy it!

Dan and Josh are back to talk some computer gaming as well as LoL this week. We tackle the hugely popular and wildly cool future release of Hearthstone. Then we talk about some things to work on for solo que-ing in LoL. Thanks for joining us!

Direct download: Episode51_Teach_a_Noob_LoL--Theres_a_Hearthstone_next_to_my_Nexus.mp3
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We have made it to episode 50! Today we have Dan, Red, Chris and Adam in the hosting chairs. This episode is a bit longer then normal as we celebrate the big 5-0 and also go into a Worker Placement madness tournament with seeding and everything! We go round by round until we have a TOP Worker Placement Game in the Eyes of the Geek Allstars! I want to thank each any everyone for listening and I hope you join us for the next 50!

Direct download: Episode_50_Extravagaza_and_Worker_Placement_Madness_Tournament.mp3
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Tonight I had the pleasure of talking with Fleet designers Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback. It was a great time and I cannot stress how cool these two guys are to chat with. As always it's a Geek Allstars chat so we wander through all sorts of topics into and out of gaming and geekdom so please enjoy! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Geek_Allstars_Episode_49--_Interview_with_Fleet_Designers_Matt_and_Ben.mp3
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Today we are chuck full of content as we are joined by GeekJock, Dice Hate Me Chris, Adam O and Tom G, where we talk about a Ground Zero (Manhattan Project) and Ground Zero. Our thoughts and mini-reviews on both. We also hit on our Predictions for 2013 in Board Gaming and also IP's we would like to see made into board games!

Direct download: Episode_48_Ground_Zero_Floor.mp3
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Today Dan Adam and Chris talk about a bunch of topics from TV and Movies we have watched to what we have been playing and then also launch into a discussion of if Feeding in Worker Placement games is old Hate or a necessity. Hope you like our new intro and outro. LEt us know what you think on our guild and thanks for listening!

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Tonight we talk about literally EVERYTHING. From Jungle, to ranked to Top to WoW! So stop by and see how Dan and Josh are doing with their Ranked play in season 3 and what will Dan's Champ of the month assignment be from Josh? Thanks for listening please mail us with any Q's or follow us on Twitter!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_46-_Teach_a_Noob_LoL_player.mp3
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It's our yearly best games of the year show with GeekJock, Red, Tom G and Dice Hate Me Chris. See what will win the official Geek Allstars BG of 2012! NOTE: we had to table the "If and When is it ok to quit a game" Q of te week till next round-table. We will do it next time! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_45_Best_Games_of_2012.mp3
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Today GeekJock and Adam O review the new DC Comics Deck Building Game. It's one we have talked about in the past as enjoying but hear more about why and how to play and what we think of each of the Heroes you can play in the game. Thanks for listening please check out our guild on BGG!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_44_DC_Comics_DBG_Review.mp3
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Today GeekJock and Adam review the hot "board game" Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. See what we think of the latest DBG to hit the main stream. Is it worth the hype? Listen and find out!! Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: The_Geek_Allstars_Episode_43_Legendary_Review.mp3
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Tonight we toast to the noob GeekJock finally hitting 30! Yep the elusive level 30 and so now what's next? We talk about what's next with Josh and also Josh assigns Dan a champ of the month! It's a tough one. How will he do? You will have to tune in and see who it is. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_42_Teach_a_Noob_LoL_Player..._LEVEL_30_TIME.mp3
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Hey and Happy New Year from the Geek Allstars! Today we welcome old favorite Dice Hate Me Chris and new All Star guest Tom G to the Show. We talk about some games we have been playing and some we are looking forward to in 2013. We also try and touch on some movies coming out this year and our thoughts on them as well! Going to be a great year for the All Stars as we add to our guest roster and add to the games we have to play! Thanks for listening. Find us at Thegeekallstars.com

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