We have a GREAT show lined up today! We had the amazing pleasure of interviewing two of the true greats in the industry today in Dan Yarrington of Game Salute and Myriad Games fame, and Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold games. We talk to Dan about his history of gaming and becoming a store owner as well as his transition into fullfillment and what they are doing of late to help the newer and smaller game publishers out there. As for Mr. Buonocore, not only do we hear about his gaming roots but we hear what is in store from Stronghold Games at Gen Con and get a scoop or two from him about some previously unmentioned future projects. And we also announce our part in Dice Tower Network's Cool Stuff Inc gift certificate giveaway contest! Thanks for listening!

Tonight is a great episode, we have 5 of us on a nice round table discussing a TON of stuff. We talk about Kickstarters current and KS controversy. We also touch what we have been playing of late, and we finish off with some great Movie talk both from what has been announced at Comic Con and also what has been out this summer. Thanks for listening!

It's another Cross over special with Chris's State of Games Podcast. Today we talk to David and Fred of Clever Mojo games about Princes of the Dragon Throne coming to the finish line, and other upcomming titles from CMG including Scoops on Alien Frontiers, Swinging Jivecat Vodoo Lounge, PODT and many others! It's scoop city today so give it a listen and thanks as always for listening!

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