Tonight Red Adam O and GeekJock get together to talk about the full full weekend of gaming which was a local con called "That Board Game Thing" (TBGT). We played a ton of games and had a blast doing so. We also talk about helping out at the Escapist Expo that same weekend. Sorry for the delay in between shows, real life has hit hard this month! See you next time. Don't forget to check out for our 24 hour charity BG marathon info!

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This installment of teaching a LoL noob, is a real good one. We get some feedback on how GeekJock is doing and some questions and feedback from Josh. Josh goes into some finer points of PvP and also gives GJ some homework! Thanks for listening.

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Tonight we give a history of how we became Geeks. What games we started with what movies and concerts ect. Since tonight is likely the last time the three of us will be together recording in the same room for some time we wanted to get nostalgic for it all. We will still be recording regularly but likely via skype and more with GeekJock and Adam/Chris.

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