Here it is!! Your 2018 Gen Con top 11 to TRY and top 11 to BUY!! Dan, Chris and Wolfe go over the games you cannot purchase this year but you can play (Try/Demo) and also the top games you want to purchase this year (BUY).  It's always a great way to learn about the games we want to pick up and also the games you will be hearing about in the near future as the hotness to be!  Thanks for listening!

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Tonight we are joined (for the first time in a while) by Ryan Laukat from Red Raven games, for an interview and also a 15 min power hour. We have 4 segments (roughly) 15 mins each. We have a segment each from Chris and Ryan and Dan hosts 2 game show segments with the others! I hope everyone enjoys this show as it was a blast to talk to Ryan about his designs and one of my favorite games of the year Empire of the Void II. Thanks for listening!

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