Today we are joined by Dice Hate Me Chris as we go back in time one week and talk about our trip to GEN CON! Dan, Chris and Adam (All who went) are joined by Red for the recap of all things good and bad of this years Gen Con. There was more good then bad and I know I speak for all of us when I say we cannot wait for next year!

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This episode we try a few things we haven't in a while. First new guest segments! Yep we have the new Mentor a Noob At LoL segment, starring GeekJock and Josh Augustine. And second we have a show with just GeekJock and Red. Gyroplay couldn't make it today. We talk about the play of Alien Frontiers Factions and The Dominant Species card game, get some Kickstarter updates, and after the new segment we talk about a ton of games we are looking forward to at Gen Con. Thanks for listening

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