Tonight I am THRILLED to talk with Cryptozoic President and CCO and creator of the new HEX TCG/MMO Cory Jones. We cover a wide variety of questions I have for him and he dishes a ton of great answers for us. I want to thank him for being an amazing guest and all around cool guy, and also thanks to Crypto for putting out such amazing games!

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Yep this is an epic cast for the ages! Not only do we have 5 of us tonight (Dan,Chris,Tom G, TC Petty, Darrell Louder) but we hit an all time high for length in an Allstar Cast at 2 hours and 34 mins! It's a great Super Hero Theme as we talk about Summer movies, Contrast Super Hero Games (DC DBG/Marvel Legendary and also Sentinals of the Multiverse), and talk Super hero Kickstarters! Please stick with us for the whole episode this one is one of the best yet! Thanks for listening!

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Tonight I interview Nicholas yu, the designer of the 2 player card game Hero Brigade now up on Kickstarter. I had a little bit of a fight with Skype the whole time we were doing the interview so sorry if there are some issues with the recording quality. PLEASE check out this real quality game now up on kickstarter. I think you will really enjoy it!





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