This episode features the return of Todd AKA Gyroplay from Antarctica! We hear about what he has been up to for 13 months on the Ice and what games he played while down there. We also talk about the release of Lords of Waterdeep on the iOS. We are really excited to have him back and cannot wait for more great episodes with him. Thanks for listening and we will have the update on the results of the Gamers For Cures 24 hour Charity marathon on the next episode.

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Tonight Chris and I have the pleasure of interviewing Ben Rosset, the designer of Brew Crafters. We cover a ton of stuff, from early gaming with his Grandma to what makes Brew Crafters' tick. We also wanted to let you know how you can get in on the raffle fun of the Gamers For Cures 24 hour board game marathon to benefit Turner Syndrome Society of the US. You can STILL get your raffle tickets and win one of the 90+ great prizes! Check out for more info!





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