Today we get some Video and MMO news done, talk about Origins and Gen Con a bit and finally we go head first into talking about Diablo 3! We give some reviews, plenty of tips and overviews of each class in the game! Thanks for listening

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Today we have an afternoon recording, in which we talk about recent gaming, some kickstarter arrivals, and of course the Avengers phenomenon. Did Gyroplay and GeekJock have a throwdown about another movie or will they agree this time? You will have to see! Thanks to all our listeners we have reached 25 episodes! We are excited about it and hope the next 25 go as smoothly as the 1st 25 did!

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Today we chat about this year's summer blockbuster season. We also have a Summer Movie Draft in which we each pick 3 movies for a victory point to the winner! The Geek AllStars first real contest is announced as well so listen in and enjoy.

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