Today we are excited to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the designers/publishers of the Kickstarter game Heroes of Metro City. GeekJock talks with David to find out about the past present and future of the project. What it is, where it is going and why should we back it! Thanks to David for a great interview and please check out their web site and their Kickstarter page.

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Tonight we talk about a bunch of gaming goodness and get into a full on Dark Knight Rises debate. Who liked it and who did not? You will have to listen to find out! We also have a few big announcements from Gyroplay, and a couple of announcements from Dice Hate Me Games. Thanks as always to Chris for joining us on the show.

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Tonight we have a special treat instore! We unbox D-Day dice right on the episode. We wanted to keep it a secret but honestly we are way too excited to get it opened! We also talk about some League of Legends and of course Spiderman, Batman and even some Fallen Skies talk. Soo much to talk about sooo little time. Thanks for listening!

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